Prof. Dr. Andreas Gubner
Prof. Dr. Andreas Gubner

Thank you for visiting our home page. We are delighted that you are interested in our department or in a degree programme in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, or aerospace engineering.

A few numbers and facts to start with:

With roughly 2,200 students and over 60 professors, the Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering (FK 03) is the largest department at the largest university of applied sciences in Bavaria. Our degree programmes represent important sectors of the German and European economies.

What are the reasons for choosing a technical degree programme at a university of applied sciences?

Our professors come from industry, where they were successful as development engineers, researchers and managers. They have practical knowledge of the industry and know from personal experience what an engineer today has to be able to do. Although our degree programmes provide an academic education like at any university, the theoretical components of core subjects like mathematics, technical mechanics and, for example, thermodynamics are geared towards practical application at a later stage and concentrate on the necessary content. Internships, including placements in industry, further strengthen the practical focus of the programmes.

Why study with us?

The size of the department allows us to offer you a programme that simultaneously provides a high degree of both depth and breadth. At the same time, we place great value on academic quality. At our department you'll finish up with either a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) or Master of Science (M.Sc) degree. This is important to us, because one day you will have to compete with other graduates for the best positions in industry.

In addition to the three Bachelor’s programmes mentioned here, you can also choose the Bachelor’s programme in Automotive Engineering and Management. This programme is offered in cooperation with the Department of Engineering and Management.

Furthermore, there is now a part-time degree programme for working professionals, the Bachelor’s programme in Production Engineering.

Within these courses of study, you will find various specializations with elective modules that will allow you to develop according to your personal interests.

Students who wish to continue with a Master’s degree can choose between 7 programmes: They can specialise in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, or Aerospace Engineering, or opt for Automotive Mechatronics, Computational Engineering, or Acoustical Engineering. The Master’s programme in Applied Research in Engineering Sciences is an additional option.

Please take the time to explore our department's website. Perhaps we'll have the opportunity to welcome you in person in the near future!

Kind regards,

Andreas Gubner

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