Course Offerings at Department 03

Bachelor's Programmes

Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor) [accredited] >
The sky is the limit! Or is it? Do you look up when you see something moving in the sky? Are your thoughts and ideas not limited to our planet? Do you have an international outlook? Then make the most of your technical and scientific skills with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
Automotive Engineering (Bachelor) [accredited] >
Faster, further, more efficient. This is the focus of the Automotive Engineering degree programme. Automotive engineers develop, produce and test vehicles and their components. The Automotive Engineering programme is always on the look-out for young stars.
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor) [accredited] >
Mechanical engineering is one of Germany's most important industries. There is a constant demand for creative minds with imagination as well as mathematical and scientific talent who thoroughly enjoy the practice-based Mechanical Engineering degree programme.
Automotive Engineering and Management (Bachelor) [accredited] >
Was your first word 'car' rather than 'mum'? Do you have your sights set on a career in the automotive industry? Get your foot in the door quickly and study where the work is: in the sunny south. Grab a place in the sun – sign up for the Automotive Engineering and Management Bachelor's programme.

Master's Programmes

Acoustical Engineering (Master) >
This part-time Master's programme was designed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida and is geared towards graduates of all engineering degree programmes.
Aerospace Engineering (Master) >
Are you planning a career in the highly innovative field of aerospace engineering? Do you have a good initial degree in aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field? If so, then this Master’s programme is for you.
Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (Master) >
Bound closely to a concrete research and development project, this programme helps students develop analytical and creative skills, as well as technical, methodical, and personal competencies. This Master will provide you with a perfect basis for a career in applied research and development.
Automotive Engineering (Master) >
This Master’s programme offers a broad qualification for an interesting career working with companies in the automotive industry, including car manufacturers, component and system suppliers, and a host of engineering companies in the areas of planning, development, and production.
Automotive Mechatronics (Master) [accredited] >
Greater Munich is a traditional automotive engineering hub. The master's programme in Automotive Mechatronics at Munich University of Applied Sciences benefits from this fact with numerous cooperations with the automotive industry. Take advantage of the direct practical orientationof this course.
Computational Engineering (Master) [accredited] >
From the initial idea to the prototypes; these days product development predominantly takes place on computers and using virtual methods. Experts are in demand in industry and research. The Computational Engineering master's programme teaches you how to create perfect designs.
Mechanical Engineering (Master) >
The Mechanical Engineering Master’s programme offers a broad qualification for an interesting career working in fields such as product development, energy technology, process automation, and production engineering. This course of studies places special emphasis on interdisciplinary education.


Summer Schools >
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Courses in English

Courses in English >
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